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Using Immerse Outreach and IGDMBot for free automated outreach

In this post we will show you how to use Immerse Outreach’s free plan and IGDMBot for free automated outreach. We do offer our own outreach system, but if you would prefer a free alternative we suggest to use IGDMBot.

Why use Immerse Outreach for scraping leads?

So why should you use Immerse Outreach for scraping over just using the scraper built into IGDMBot?

That is a good question. Usually when you are scraping using IGDMBot, you are risking your account getting shadow banned or worse, banned completely for using automation. The more leads you scrape the higher risk you have of your account getting banned. When using Immerse Outreach for scraping leads, you don’t have to worry about your account being banned, as it doesn’t use your account at all.

1. Signing Up To Immerse Outreach

The first step is to create an Immerse Outreach with the free plan. You can use this link here to get a free plan with 500 free credits. Fill out the registration form with your details.

2. Scraping Instagram Leads

Now that you have an account you will have access to 500 credits. Credits are used by our system to allow you scrape leads, and the more credits you have the more leads you can scrape.

Now you will want to navigate to the leads page.

Press the new lead list button in the top right corner, which will take you to another page.

Select the platform (You should only have Instagram as an option if you are on the Free Plan), then you should get three different scraping options.

You have three different scraping methods, followers, following and hashtag. The followers option is to scrape an accounts followers. The following option is to scrape the accounts an account is following. The hashtag method is will scrape posts that use a hashtag and then get the account that posted it. The hashtag method is good for targeting niches. We will just use the followers method in this post.

Enter the username and the amount of leads you want to scrape (The more leads you choose the longer it will take). The extra information option will allow you get more information from profiles that you scrape. This is useful when you are going to be filtering the list, but it takes much longer and takes around 3 times as many credits. We are not going to use the extra information option as its not needed for just sending messages. Now press the scrape leads button in the top right corner.

Now you can download your lead list into csv format. Just press the green download button of the lead list you want to download.

3. Sending DMS To All Leads

For this next step you will need an Instagram account and the chrome browser installed. I will not go over how to set that up, but we will cover installing the IGDMBot extension on chrome and using it to send dms.

You will want to first go to this open chrome if you haven’t already and go to this link here.

Press the add to chrome button, then you will get a popup.

Press Add extension. Once you have done that it should start installing the extension, which shouldn’t take too long. Once the extension is installed you can now login with google.

Once you have done that, you shouldn’t need to do anymore setup for IGDMBot. You will now want to go to the DM Bots tab to start the campaign setup. Press the Create Bot button.

You will need to first create a DM List for all your scripts. It is suggested to have multiple scripts and variations for a better result and you will be less likely to get your account banned while sending the messages.

You will want to give this bot a name, which can be anything you want. Then select the DM Bulk option. Then select Custom Users for the DM Target Type option and Personalized Messages option for Message Type. Now upload the csv file you previously downloaded from Immerse Outreach.

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